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Potassium methyl silicate for concrete waterproofing material

Potassium methyl silicate for concrete waterproofing material
Potassium methyl silicate for concrete waterproofing material
Potassium methyl silicate for concrete waterproofing material
Product Name : Potassium methyl silicate for concrete waterproofing material

1, Technical indicators

Active ingredients

Methyl potassium silicate


Colorless or light yellow transparent solution

Total solids content


Silicone content (active substance content)


Specific gravity (25 ℃)






2, Method of use:

1, clean the surface of the base material before use, will be to treat the base area of water, dirt and other attachments clean, if there are cracks to be filled with putty or cement slurry, the surface of the base material should be smooth, solid, not empty drum, loose and other phenomena.

2, before construction, slightly wet the substrate surface for absorption.

3. Dilute to 3% or lower concentration when used. If you need to use more than 3% of the concentration must be tested first, using high concentration will lead to the formation of white residue on the waterproof surface.

4, can use immersion, spraying or brushing methods such as cloth, sponge, brush, roller and seal spray gun for construction. It can also be used in concrete.

5, after brushing, make the surface to be treated naturally dry, the surface is not dry before brushing second time. If used in stone, ceramic tile surface protection treatment, after the construction is not dry before using a soft cloth to wipe off excess liquid, not stained with water maintenance at least 24h.

3, Using range:

The product is mainly used for stone, brick, ceramic, concrete, cement mortar, perlite, gypsum and plasterboard, wood and other surface treatment, can also be used as sodium silicate additives.

First, methyl sodium silicate is introduced:

it is a new type of rigid waterproof building material, has the good permeability crystalline, the molecular structure of silicon alcohol-based and silicate materials in silicon alcohol-based dehydration crosslinking reaction, so as to realize "the capillary effect" formed excellent abhorred water layer, and has function of micro expansion, increasing the compactness;

Second, the scope of use of methyl sodium silicate: 

1, widely used in roofing, internal and external walls, ground, toilet, kitchen, basement and warehouse waterproof moistureproof and reinforced concrete structure permeability;

2, used for underground civil air defense projects, such as culverts, Bridges, DAMS, tunnels, large hydropower stations, diversion projects, to reduce water erosion, prevent weathering;

3, for all kinds of pools, such as swimming pool, clean pool, sewage pool, water tower, etc.;

4, used for high water absorption inorganic aggregates, such as perlite board, roof brick, cement brick, high-rise building light brick veneer, asbestos, inorganic fabric, insulation materials, so that it has a significant waterproof, moisture-proof effect;

5, used for water-soluble building paint waterproof, color protection, prevent pollution, prevent aging, has been widely used in exterior wall finishes.

4, Matters needing attention

1, before use, to carry out small sample concentration test to determine whether the concentration is suitable for your specific use.

2. The product is highly corrosive, so it is forbidden to contact with skin directly. In case of accidental contact, please rinse with water immediately. In case of contact with eyes, wash with water for 15 minutes and seek medical advice immediately. This product can also damage or kill plants, tarnish or corrode glass, plastic, aluminum and most metals, special care should be taken when spraying, avoid waterproofing agent on nearby plants or objects. Keep away from children when storing for home decoration. But the product brush coating after drying alkaline disappear, harmless to human body.

3, the preparation of waterproof agent is too high or too much use, after drying in the brushing surface will form a small amount of white sediment, such as washing with water or wipe not clean, need to scrape the surface to remove.

4, in winter if the temperature is too low, the product will produce a frozen crystal structure, heated to room temperature, the solution to restore transparency, product active ingredients will not be destroyed, can continue to use.

5. It is recommended to wear protective gloves and mirrors in the construction, avoid inhaling the gas produced by the product in the open air construction, and recommend local exhaust when spraying or fogging in the closed environment.


5, Product information

The product is packed in 50-60kg, 250kg plastic drums and stored in sealed containers at 25℃ or below. The shelf life is 12 months.

This product is not dangerous goods, but strong alkaline, should be properly transported and stored.

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